• KNS Series
      KNS Series are PFA / FEP Lined Chemical Process Pumps designed as per ISO 2858 Standard, for pumping corrosive and toxic air pollutants... View this Series
    • MKNS Series
      MKNS Series are PFA Lined Magnetic Drive Pumps designed as per ISO 2858 Standard, excellent for pumping corrosive and toxic media... Learn more
    • MHE Series
      MHE Series are PP/PVDF Injection Moulded Magnetic Drive Pumps fitted with high powered rare earth magnets which allow maximum power transmission ... Learn more
    • EXP Series
      EXP Series are Standard Chemical Process Pumps in Polypropylene construction, best suited for pumping acids and alkalies... View this Series
    • PPCL Series
      PPCL Series are Heavy Duty Process Pumps in Polypropylene construction, ideal choice for pumping large quantities of corrosive media... View this Series
    • HE Series
      HE Series are Compact Centrifugal Pumps in Polypropylene construction, extensively used for circulation of chemicals in metal... View this Series
    • ETP Series
      ETP Series are Injection Moulded Polypropylene Self Priming Pumps best suited for pumping effluent in chemical process industry... View this Series
    • VGP Series
      VGP Series are Vertical Glandless Pumps in Polypropylene construction, absence of shaft sealing lends maximum life and minimum... View this Series
ANTICO is a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant centrifugal chemical process pumps for transferring a wide range of corrosive chemicals.

Our products also include chemical pump, self priming pumps, vertical centrifugal pumps, PFA teflon lined industrial pump and valves. Our products are used for venture scrubbing, steel pickling, electroplating, paints, dyestuffs, chlor alkali, pharmaceutical industry.

ANTICO Pumps offers a series of non-metallic plastic lined industrial pumps with PFA/FEP. Centrifugal Pumps from ANTICO are certified ISO 2858 pumps used for highly corrosive applications in Chemical Processing industries.

ANTICO Pumps offers PFA/FEP lined centrifugal pump accessories like lined plug valves, lined ball valves, lined basket strainer, lined sight glass and moulded ball valve that provide highest corrosion resistance in chemical transfer pumps.

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